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the god of thunder & the goddess of war

live, and tell those stories yourself

aka canon is complicated
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Posting Guidelines

1. Don't be a jackass. Lots of stuff falls under this heading: trolling, bashing characters or pairings, posting longfic or huge graphics without an LJ cut, harassing other users: not welcome here. Use your best judgment. Treat people as people, not echos in the faceless void of the internet, and I trust we'll all be okay.

Yes: The staff are held to the "don't be a jackass" rule, too.

2. Stay on-topic: We're here to glee about, discuss, critique, meta, draw, mix, vid, manip, read, and write about Thor/Sif. By multilateral mod-decision, friendship fic and gen are also welcome.

Happy or neatly resolved endings aren't required by any means, however: conduit fic and bait-and-switch fic are not germane to this comm.

3. When posting fanworks, please use a header outside of your LJ-cut. Here's a potential header to get you started; we have a link to the header builder on the main page, as well.

Content Warnings:

Tag appropriately. View all tags.

4. You may warn/note content for the following: Graphic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault, Non-Consensual Sex, Dubious Consent, Incest, Underage Sex

"Choose not to warn" is also an adequate and acceptable warning.

5. LJ-Cut all fic, groups of icons larger than 3, and images larger than 400 pixels by 400 pixels large, as well as all images including gore or nudity, including comics scans.

6. Cut spoilers by using the LJ-spoiler tag: <lj-spoiler>Spoilers!</lj-spoiler> = [Spoiler (click to open)]Spoilers!

7. Cross-posting is allowed!

8. The mod team reserves the right to amend or add to these rules as necessary.

Posting Guidelines and userinfo code shamelessly adapted from pike_numberone.
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